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Damn, that guy can Robot!

by Adam on June 1st, 2007

Sara and I are hooked on the show So you think you can dance? which airs on Fox Wednesday and Thursday nights through the summer. Season 2 was syndicated relentlessly on a few channels so we caught most of the episodes. We even sat through the marathon last weekend that covered the auditions and top 20 parts of the show. It is extremely impressive to me how the participants learn a routine in a week in a host of different dance styles. During the audition phase I am constantly impressed by some of the amazing dancers out there. I love to see the breakers, poppers and other unorthodox styles take over the stage for a minute.

This past Thursday’s episode had the auditions running in Atlanta, Georgia and was quite good. For me the ultimate highlight was Bryan Gaynor a 20 year old student who does the best Robot I’ve ever seen.

I love when the music picks up and he is right along with it hitting the beat with his moves. I normally don’t like Christina Aguilera but from now on I think that song will stick with me.

Next week is the Vegas phase of the show and should be interesting. I can’t wait to see if some of the underdogs I was rooting for during auditions will make it to the Top 20. Go ex-football playing ballerina whose dad doesn’t understand him! (Had to see it I guess).

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  1. HOLY CRAP! You posted on your blog. Hell has frozen over. :-D

  2. I see what happened here, an update!
    That guy does do a freaking awesome robot routine, it was a weird song for it, but I guess it worked out anyway. I’m trying to figure out from the video if he’s just naturally short if that’s a weird camera angle.


  3. I forgot to mention the inspirational part of the story!

    Bryan has Scoliosis (a bone disease) which results in his stature. His left shoulder is lower than his right and he can’t lift his left arm above 80-90 degrees.

  4. that dude is gansta’

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