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Stripes and such

by Adam on April 28th, 2008

For some reason I had an inspiration to make a stripe-y wallpaper in blues to go with the XP Media Center theme. I started off with vertical stripes and a lot of light/shadow work which worked out pretty well but wasn’t quite what I was after. The second attempt switched to 45 degree angled stripes and used more detail noise than light/shadow. My favorite part is the weird shadow at the top, it almost feels like something is casting that shadow which is just outside your view. I use 1280×1024 so that is what size it is, if you would like other sizes just let me know and I can scale it.

Stripes Wallpaper Stripes 2 Wallpaper

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  1. I like the little illusion you get if you maximize and scroll the 2nd one vertically.

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